Futronic MKI trade-in campaign

Danphone is offering all Futronic MKI customers a 20% discount as a trade-in for a new Futronic MK II test box. 

Each test box comes with a calibration certificate, standard accessories, English user manual and free freight by courier service.

The test box comes with a standard two-year product guarantee.

Optional accessories are Watertight and crushproof case, RF amplifier, Pilot plug cable and a set of attenuators.

The offer requires that you send your first generation Futronic box to us as a trade-in.

For product comparison, here are some of the most important improvements made for the MKII:

  • Smaller dimensions and reduced weight = easier to travel with. Weight and dimensions of MKII are almost half of the old model,
  • Combined tests, i.e. AIS tests gives you full AIS data information and power measurement results in one test, compared to separate tests with the old tester,
  • PC software with many useful options, such as the automatic generation of EPIRB test reports.
  • Connects with your PC or laptop through USB, compared to Serial port with the old one. (Serial ports are being phased out on computers),
  • Considerably longer battery times - one full day of normal operation without re-charging,
  • Power supply and re-charging of the tester needs only 10V ( = allows for in-car charging on the move) compared to minimum 15V required for the old one,

Data sheet, list of optional accessories, guidelines and user manual containing more technical information can be downloaded here


For a detailed offer please contact us at directly