Futronic MKII – The Ultimate GMDSS-AIS-SART Tester


Futronic MKII is the preferred all-in-one test instrument for radio inspectors performing mandatory, periodical surveys of ship-borne communications equipment, radio beacons, AIS and Search and Rescue transponders.

Futronic MKII enables you to test VHF/MF/HF DSC radios, Cospas-Sarsat EPIRBs and Personal Locator Beacons, NAVTEX receivers, AIS class A and B transponders, AIS AtoN transponders, AIS-SARTs, Man Over Board devices and 9 GHz Radar SARTs as laid down in SOLAS convention 74/88 and specified in IMO resolution A.948 and circulars 1040 and 1252.

Test results are presented on the display and stored in the memory accordingly with the facility of transferring them to a PC.

The free MKII PC Software available from this website enables you to select and transfer test results to your PC, compose custom-made DSC and AIS messages, generate complete EPIRB test reports, personalize test box settings and to upgrade the test box with new features.

Optionally, the test box can be delivered with a watertight and crush proof carrying case specially configured to hold the tester and accessories secure.


Downloads for Futronic MKII


Futronic MKII Data Sheet

Futronic MKII Optional Accessories

Futronic MKII User's Manual

Futronic MKII PC Software

Futronic MKII PC Software Manual

Declaration of Conformity to the European EMC Directive

Declaration of the built-in battery regarding IATA Regulations

MSDS Internal Battery

IMO guidelines on Annual Testing of AIS

IMO guidelines on Annual Testing of 406 MHz EPIRBs

About Radio Surveys


A radio survey is a set of test procedures carried out by a qualified radio inspector in order to verify and confirm that the communication, navigational and safety equipment on board the vessel is fully operational.

Radio surveys should be carried out using test equipment capable of performing all the relevant measurements required by the guidelines laid down in SOLAS Chapter IV and specified in IMO Resolutions A.997 and A.948.